SourceObj.set_visible_sources(self, select='all', v=None, distance=5.0)[source][source]

Select sources that are either inside or outside the mesh.

select{‘inside’, ‘outside’, ‘close’, ‘all’, ‘none’, ‘left’, ‘right’}

Custom source selection. Use ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ to select sources respectively inside or outside the volume. Use ‘close’ to select sources that are closed to the surface (see the distance parameter below). Finally, use ‘all’ (or True), ‘none’ (or None, False) to show or hide all of the sources.

varray_like | None

The vertices of shape (nv, 3) or (nv, 3, 3) if index faced.

distancefloat | 5.

Distance between the source and the surface.