RoiObj.where_is(self, patterns, df=None, union=True, columns=None, exact=False, case_sensitive=False)[source][source]

Find a list of string patterns in a DataFrame.


List of string patterns to search.

dfpd.DataFrame | None

The DataFrame to use. If None, the DataFrame of the ROI are going to be used by default.

unionbool | True

Take either the union of matching patterns (True) or the intersection (False).

columnslist | None

List of specific column names to search in. If None, this method search through the entire DataFrame.

exactbool | False

Specify if the pattern to search have to be exact matching (True) or if the pattern is only a part of the result.

case_sensitivebool | False

Specify if the search have to be case sensitive.


List of index that match with the list of patterns.