RoiObj.set_data(self, name, vol=None, labels=None, index=None, hdr=None, system='mni')[source][source]

Load an roi object.


Name of the ROI object. If name is ‘brodmann’, ‘aal’ or ‘talairach’ a predefined ROI object is used and vol, index and labels are ignored.

volarray_like | None

ROI volume. Sould be an array with three dimensions.

labelsarray_like | None

Array of labels. A structured array can be used (i.e labels=np.zeros(n_sources, dtype=[(‘brodmann’, int), (‘aal’, object)])).

indexarray_like | None

Array of index that make the correspondance between the volume values and labels. The length of index must be the same as labels.

hdrarray_like | None

Array of transform source’s coordinates into the volume space. Must be a (4, 4) array.

system{‘mni’, ‘tal’}

The system of the volume. Can either be MNI (‘mni’) or Talairach (‘tal’).