CrossSecObj.set_activation(self, data, xyz=None, translucent=(None, 0.5), cmap='Spectral_r', clim=None, vmin=None, vmax=None, under='red', over='green')[source][source]

Set any type of additional data (activation, stat…).


Full path to the nifti file.

xyzarray_like | None

Coordinate of a point to center the cross-sections.

translucenttuple | None

Set a specific range translucent. With f_1 and f_2 two floats, if translucent is :

  • (f_1, f_2) : values between f_1 and f_2 are set to translucent

  • (None, f_2) x <= f_2 are set to translucent

  • (f_1, None) f_1 <= x are set to translucent

cmapstring | ‘Spectral_r’

Colormap to use.

climtuple | None

Colorbar limits.

vminfloat | None

Lower threshold.

understring | ‘red’

Color to use for every values under vmin.

vmaxfloat | None

Over threshold.

overstring | ‘green’

Color to use for every values over vmax.