BrainObj.project_sources(self, s_obj, project='modulation', radius=10.0, contribute=False, cmap='viridis', clim=None, vmin=None, under='black', vmax=None, over='red', mask_color=None, to_overlay=0)[source][source]

Project source’s activity or repartition onto the brain object.


The source object to project.

project{‘modulation’, ‘repartition’}

Project either the source’s data (‘modulation’) or get the number of contributing sources per vertex (‘repartition’).


The radius under which activity is projected on vertices.

contribute: bool | False

Specify if sources contribute on both hemisphere.

cmapstring | ‘viridis’

The colormap to use.

climtuple | None

The colorbar limits. If None, (data.min(), data.max()) will be used instead.

vminfloat | None

Minimum threshold.

vmaxfloat | None

Maximum threshold.

understring/tuple/array_like | ‘gray’

The color to use for values under vmin.

overstring/tuple/array_like | ‘red’

The color to use for values over vmax.

mask_colorstring/tuple/array_like | ‘gray’

The color to use for the projection of masked sources. If None, the color of the masked sources is going to be used.