Use custom coordinates

Display topographic plots using custom coordinates.

Download topoplot data (topoplot_data.npz) :

import numpy as np

from visbrain import Topo
from import download_file, path_to_visbrain_data

# Load the data :
mat = np.load(path_to_visbrain_data('topoplot_data.npz'))
xyz, data = mat['xyz'], mat['data']
channels = [str(k) for k in range(len(data))]

# Create a topoplot instance :
t = Topo()

# Add the topoplot defined using xyz coordinates :
t.add_topoplot('Topo_1', data, xyz=xyz, channels=channels, title='Custom data',
               cmap='viridis', cblabel='Beta power')

# Show the window :

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