Source object

This example illustrate the main functionalities and inputs of the source object i.e :

  • Add sources with text
  • Control the marker symbol and color
  • Mask sources
  • Analyse anatomical locations of sources using either the Brodmann, AAL or Talairach atlas
  • Color sources according to a data vector or to an anatomical location
  • Display only sources in the left // right hemisphere
  • Force source to fit to a mesh
  • Display only sources inside // outside a mesh
import numpy as np

from vispy.geometry import create_sphere

from visbrain.objects import SourceObj, SceneObj, ColorbarObj
from import download_file

Load the xyz coordinates and corresponding subject name
mat = np.load(download_file('xyz_sample.npz'))
xyz = mat['xyz']
n_sources = xyz.shape[0]
text = ['S' + str(k) for k in range(n_sources)]

"""Create a scene. By default, we fix the top view of the camera
CAM_STATE = dict(azimuth=0,        # azimuth angle
                 elevation=90,     # elevation angle
                 scale_factor=180  # ~distance to the camera
CBAR_STATE = dict(cbtxtsz=12, txtsz=10., width=.5, rect=(1., -2., 1., 4.))
sc = SceneObj(camera_state=CAM_STATE, size=(1200, 1000))

"""Create the most basic source object
s_obj_basic = SourceObj('Basic', xyz, text=text, text_bold=True,
sc.add_to_subplot(s_obj_basic, row=0, col=0,
                  title='Default configuration with text')

"""Control the color and the symbol
s_obj_col = SourceObj('S2', xyz, color='slategray', symbol='square')
sc.add_to_subplot(s_obj_col, row=0, col=1, title='Change color and symbol')

"""Mask sources that have a x coordinate between [-20, 20] and color it into
mask = np.logical_and(xyz[:, 0] >= -20., xyz[:, 0] <= 20.)
data = np.random.rand(n_sources)
s_obj_mask = SourceObj('S3', xyz, mask=mask, mask_color='orange',
                       color='slateblue', data=data, radius_min=2.,
sc.add_to_subplot(s_obj_mask, row=0, col=2,
                  title='Mask sources between [-20., 20.]')

"""Analyse where sources are located using the Brodmann ROI template and color
sources according to the Brodmann area
s_obj_ba = SourceObj('S4', xyz)
df_brod = s_obj_ba.analyse_sources(roi_obj='brodmann')
s_obj_ba.color_sources(analysis=df_brod, color_by='brodmann')
sc.add_to_subplot(s_obj_ba, row=1, col=0,
                  title='Color sources according to Brodmann area')

"""Analyse where sources are located using the AAL ROI template and color
only the precentral left (green), right (orange), insula right (blue). Others
ROI are turn into white.
s_obj_aal = SourceObj('S5', xyz)
df_aal = s_obj_aal.analyse_sources(roi_obj='aal')
aal_col = {'Precentral (R)': 'green',
           'Precentral (L)': 'orange',
           'Insula (R)': 'blue'}
s_obj_aal.color_sources(analysis=df_aal, color_by='aal', roi_to_color=aal_col,
sc.add_to_subplot(s_obj_aal, row=1, col=1,
                  title='Color only sources in precentral and insula')

"""Use a random data vector to color sources
data = np.random.uniform(low=-10., high=10., size=(n_sources,))
s_obj_data = SourceObj('S3', xyz, data=data)
s_obj_data.color_sources(data=data, cmap='plasma', clim=(-10, 10), vmin=-8.,
                         vmax=8., under='gray', over='red')
sc.add_to_subplot(s_obj_data, row=1, col=2, title='Color sources using data')
cb_data = ColorbarObj(s_obj_data, cblabel='Random data', border=False,
sc.add_to_subplot(cb_data, row=1, col=3, width_max=60)

"""Display only sources in the left hemisphere
s_obj_left = SourceObj('S_left', xyz, color='#ab4642')
sc.add_to_subplot(s_obj_left, row=2, col=0,
                  title='Display sources in left hemisphere')

"""Create a sphere using VisPy
sphere = create_sphere(rows=100, cols=100, radius=50)
sphere_vertices = sphere.get_vertices()

"""Force sources to fit on the vertices of the sphere. Then, we color sources
according to the hemisphere (left=purple, right=yellow)
s_obj_fit = SourceObj('Fit', xyz, symbol='diamond')
df_tal = s_obj_fit.analyse_sources(roi_obj='talairach')
s_obj_fit.color_sources(analysis=df_tal, color_by='hemisphere',
                        roi_to_color={'Left': 'purple', 'Right': 'yellow'})
sc.add_to_subplot(s_obj_fit, row=2, col=1,
                  title="Force sources to fit on a sphere")

"""Use the same sphere to display only sources that are inside
s_obj_inside = SourceObj('In', xyz, symbol='cross', color='firebrick')
s_obj_inside.set_visible_sources('inside', sphere_vertices)
sc.add_to_subplot(s_obj_inside, row=2, col=2,
                  title='Display only sources inside a sphere')

"""If you need, you can link the rotation off all cameras but this can
considerably slow down visualization updates

"""Screenshot of the scene
# sc.screenshot('ex_source_obj.png', transparent=True)

"""Display the scene

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