Matplotlib plot of an hypnogram

Plot a hypnogram using matplotlib.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from import write_fig_hyp, read_hypno, download_file

Plotting properties

Define plotting properties

grid = True     # display the grid
ascolor = True  # plt as color or in black and white
file = None     # Name of the file to be saved example : 'myfile.png'

Hypnogram data

For the illustration, a hypnogram is downloaded

path_to_hypno = download_file("s101_jbe.hyp", astype='example_data')
data, sf = read_hypno(path_to_hypno)

Plot the hypnogram

Plot the hypnogram. If file is None, the window is displayed otherwise the figure is saved

write_fig_hyp(data, sf, grid=grid, ascolor=ascolor, file=file)

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