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Arange pictures in a grid.

Download the archive :

import os

from visbrain.gui import Figure
from import download_file

fig_path = download_file("", unzip=True, astype='example_data')
fig_path = fig_path.split("")[0]

# Files to load :
files = ['default.png', 'inside.png', 'count.png', 'density.png',
         'repartition.jpg', 'roi.jpg']
files = [os.path.join(fig_path, k) for k in files]

# Titles :
titles = ['Default view', 'Select sources inside', 'Connectivity',
          'Connectivity', 'Cortical repartition', 'Cortical projection']

# X-labels / Y-labels :
xlabels = [None, None, 'Looks nice', 'Looks good', 'Repartition', 'ROI']
ylabels = ['Dirty', 'Better', None, None, None, 'Brodmann area 4 and 6']

# Background color of each axis :
ax_bgcolor = ['slateblue', 'olive', 'black', 'darkgray', None, None]

f = Figure(files, titles=titles, xlabels=xlabels, ylabels=ylabels,
           figtitle='The Brain module', grid=(3, 2), ax_bgcolor=ax_bgcolor,
           y=1., fig_bgcolor='white', figsize=(12, 12),
           text_color='black', subspace={'wspace': 0.1, 'left': 0.})

# Colorbar to the first connectivity plot :
f.colorbar_to_axis(2, (1, 5), 'viridis', title='Color by count',
                   ticks='minmax', fz_ticks=12)

# Colorbar to the second connectivity plot :
f.colorbar_to_axis(3, (0., 35.), 'magma', title='Color by density',
                   ticks='complete', vmax=30, over='darkred', fz_ticks=12,
                   vmin=10., under='gray')

# Colorbar to the first projection plot :
f.colorbar_to_axis(4, (1, 6), 'viridis', title='Nb of contributing\nsources',
                   ticks=1., fz_ticks=10, orientation='horizontal',
                   vmin=2, under='gray', vmax=4, over='#ab4642')

# Colorbar to the second projection plot :
f.colorbar_to_axis(5, (.1, .5), 'inferno', title='ROI projection',
                   ticks=[.2, .3], fz_ticks=10, orientation='horizontal')

# Add a vertical shared colormap :
f.shared_colorbar((-10, 10), 'inferno', fz_title=30, vmin=-7, vmax=6,
                  under='olive', over='firebrick', position='right',
                  title='Shared vertical colorbar', fz_ticks=20, pltmargin=.1,

# Add a horizontal shared colormap :
f.shared_colorbar(cmap='magma', clim=(-17, 17), fz_title=25, vmin=-11, vmax=12,
                  under='olive', over='firebrick', position='bottom',
                  title='Shared horizontal colorbar', fz_ticks=15,

# Save the picture :'LayoutExample.png', dpi=600)

# Finally, display the figure :

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