Plot MEG inverse solution

Plot MEG inverse solution.

See the original example :

from visbrain.gui import Brain
from visbrain.objects import BrainObj
from import download_file, read_stc

"""Download file if needed :
stc_file = download_file('', astype='example_data')

# Read the *.stc file :
file = read_stc(stc_file)

# Get the data and vertices from the file :
data = file['data'][:, 2]
vertices = file['vertices']

# Define a brain object and add the data to the mesh :
b_obj = BrainObj('inflated', translucent=False, hemisphere='left')
b_obj.add_activation(data=data, vertices=vertices, smoothing_steps=15,
                     clim=(13., 22.), hide_under=13., cmap='plasma',

# Finally, pass the brain object to the Brain module :
vb = Brain(brain_obj=b_obj)

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