Source code for

"""Download files from dropbox."""
import logging
import os
import sys
from urllib import request
import zipfile
from warnings import warn

from .rw_config import load_config_json
from .path import get_data_url_path

logger = logging.getLogger('visbrain')

__all__ = ["download_file"]

def get_data_url(name, astype):
    """Get filename and url to a file.

    name : string
        Name of the file.
    astype : string
        Type of the file to download.

    url : string
        Url to the file to download.
    # Get path to data_url.txt :
    urls = load_config_json(get_data_url_path())[astype]
    # Try to get the file :
        url_to_download = urls[name]
        if not bool(url_to_download.find('dl=1') + 1):
            warn("The dropbox url should contains 'dl=1'.")
        return urls[name]
        raise IOError(name + " not in the default path list of files.")

def reporthook(blocknum, blocksize, totalsize):
    """Report downloading status."""
    readsofar = blocknum * blocksize
    if totalsize > 0:
        percent = min(100, readsofar * 1e2 / totalsize)
        s = "\rSTATUS : %5.1f%% %*d / %d" % (
            percent, len(str(totalsize)), readsofar, totalsize)
        if readsofar >= totalsize:  # near the end
    else:  # total size is unknown
        sys.stderr.write("\rread %d" % (readsofar,))

[docs]def download_file(name, astype=None, filename=None, to_path=None, unzip=False, remove_archive=False, use_pwd=False): """Download a file. By default this function download a file to ~/visbrain_data. Parameters ---------- name : string Name of the file to download or url. astype : str | None If name is a name of a file that can be downloaded, astype refer to the type of the file. filename : string | None Name of the file to be saved in case of url. to_path : string | None Download file to the path specified. unzip : bool | False Unzip archive if needed. remove_archive : bool | False Remove archive after unzip. use_pwd : bool | False Download the file to the current directory. Returns ------- path_to_file : string Path to the downloaded file. """ # Default visbrain-path to data (HOME/visbrain_data): vb_path = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser('~'), 'visbrain_data') vb_path = os.getcwd() if use_pwd else vb_path if bool(name.find('http') + 1): if filename is None: filename = os.path.split(name)[1] assert isinstance(filename, str) url = name else: assert isinstance(name, str) and isinstance(astype, str) filename, url = name, get_data_url(name, astype) to_path = os.path.join(vb_path, astype) to_path = vb_path if not isinstance(to_path, str) else to_path path_to_file = os.path.join(to_path, filename) to_download = not os.path.isfile(path_to_file) # Dowload file if needed : if to_download:'Downloading %s' % path_to_file) # Check if directory exists else creates it if not os.path.exists(to_path):'Folder %s created' % to_path) os.makedirs(to_path) # Download file : fh, _ = request.urlretrieve(url, path_to_file, reporthook=reporthook) # Unzip file : if unzip: # Unzip archive : zip_file_object = zipfile.ZipFile(fh, 'r') zip_file_object.extractall(path=to_path) zip_file_object.close()'Unzip archive') if remove_archive: # Remove archive :'Archive %s removed' % path_to_file) os.remove(path_to_file) else:"File already dowloaded (%s)." % path_to_file) return path_to_file